Quint White Pearl Cleansing Spray (250 ml.)



  • Quint aroma cleansing spray provides a delicately refreshing cleansing experience for your dogs and cats.
  • This organic cleanser is infused with negative ions, a highly effective disinfectant (anti-bacterial, anti-fungal) and deodorant, which help increase the production of elastin and collagen, and promote healthy bodily functions (many positive effects on cardiovascular, respiratory, nervous, and immune systems).
  • Combined with the moisturizing benefits of Hydroxyethyl Urea, and the soothing power of natural essential oils and plant extracts, Quint aroma cleansing spray delivers deep nourishment To the core of the hair, repairs any damages, and gives The coat a silky, healthy look and feel.
  • It also hydrates The skin cells located in the deeper areas, enabling the Natural process of skin growth and renewal.
  • We don’t Add colours , synthetic perfumes, or anything that is Irritating to the skin or harmful to you or your pet, so all Of our products are naturally tear-free and hypoallergenic!
  • 250 ml.
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