Pinnacle Holistic Chicken & Vegetable Grain Free 10.9 kg.



  • The three excellent natural sources of protein in Pinnacle — chicken, garbanzo beans and organic quinoa — provide the building materials for your dog’s strong muscles.
  • The garbanzo beans and quinoa, along with sweet potatoes, are an unsurpassed source of the complex carbohydrates that give your dog energy.
  • Energy also comes from high quality sources of fats rich in Omega 6 and 3 fatty acids.
  • And a wide range of nutritional elements on which your dog depends for optimal health and continued robust vitality come from the assortment of vegetables and nutrients in Pinnacle.
  • Ingredient : Crude Protein 25.00% , Crude Fat 15.00% , Omega 6 3.84% , Omega 3 0.34%
  • 10.9 kg