Wagging Tail Click-Klick Training Clicker



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Let’s teach your pets good tricks and manners. Click-Klick training clicker will make training session a lot easier with a click. The ergonomic design fits comfortably in your hand and a stretchy rubber bracelet helps keeping the clicker on your wrist all the time. Clicker training works well not only with dogs but with cats, horses, and other animals too.

  • Positive training tool
  • Ergonomic design with a stretchy rubber bracelet
  • Get yourself a Click-Klick Training Clicker and a few treats. Make the treats small enough that you can give your pet 15-20 treats without filling him up.
  • Click the clicker and give a treat. Repeat this step, click-and-treat, for 4-5 times in different part of the room or yard.
  • Click the clicker again, this time delay the treat for a few seconds; if you see the pet startle and actively look for the treat, you will know the pet already associates the click sound with treat.