Petsimo Cat food Tuna Chunk with Shirasu in Gravy (85 g) x 3



  • Real fresh meat: Petsimo are produced from premium grade raw materials, chicken and fish. They are not made from manufacturing by-products.
  • Human grade raw materials: Same quality level as those made for human food. With high quality manufacturing standards (same export quality level as Japan & USA).
  • High digestibility & Palatibility: Research by top national university Department of Veterinary Science obtains satisfying results. High digestibility level (>90%) and high palatibility.
  • No preservatives. No salt added: Minimal Sodium contents. No preservatives. Ensure animals eat what is good for their healths.
  • Prebiotic Support: Contain Japanese produced Orebiotics made from Chicory leaves. Better balance for animal digestive system. Healthy looking stool with mild odor indicates good digestive tract.
  • Omega3 & Vitamin E good for brain. Healthier skin, shinier coat. Glucosamine good for joints.
  • Grain free: Grain free dog foods contain more protein and fewer carbohydrates and are more easily digested.
  • 85 g. x 3
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