Royal Canin Mini Digestive Care



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Royal Canin - Mini Digestive Care
Dog feed pellets For adult dogs of small breeds with digestive problems, 10 months of age or older (adult weight under 10 kg)

Product Description

Demonstrable results
Pretty lumpy stools up to 92%.

Additional tips to care for dogs with easy diarrhea
• Refrain from feeding people or high-fat snacks.
• Provide the required amount of food next to the bag and on time.
• Consult a veterinarian. When there are concerns about the health of the dog.

Adjust the stool to a good lump.
Enhance digestive health with easily digestible proteins (L.I.P.), prebiotics, and dietary fiber to help balance gut bacteria and adjust feces to lumps.

Protein not less than 28%, fat not less than 20%, residue Not more than 2.8%, humidity. Not more than 9%.

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