Happy Dog Mini Baby & Junior



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Mini - Baby & Junior
Gluten-free complete food for puppies and junior dogs of small breeds

Happy Dog Mini Baby & Junior is a specially balanced complete food for puppies from the first month. It’s the perfect food for gentle, problem-free feeding of puppies of small breeds, even sensitive ones, up to 10kg adult weight. The gluten-free formulation offers a balanced range of five specially selected high-quality animal proteins – well-tolerated lamb, easily digestible poultry, hearty beef, nourishing fish and quality egg protein look after balanced growth and optimal development. Valuable New Zealand mussels contribute to the optimal development of your puppy’s locomotor system. Calcium and vitamin D3 play a large part in developing body strength and healthy bones. Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids from fish and linseeds give a glossy coat and healthy skin. In addition, linseeds combined with a complex of vital elements from special yeasts, B vitamins, antioxidants and herbs support the gastrointestinal system and tract.
The puppy’s immune system shouldn’t be neglected either, which is why vitamin C is included in the formulation. Based on the Happy Dog Natural Life Concept ®, your dog is provided with everything its entire system needs to start it happily on its way to a long and healthy dog life.

Between the 9th and 12th month the puppy is moved on to a suitable Happy Dog Supreme Adult Mini product, e.g. Mini Canada or Mini Adult.
Poultry protein** (26 .5%), maize flour, rice flour, poultry fat, salmon meal (5%), potato protein*, potato*, cellulose*, beet pulp* (desugared), sunflower oil, pomace* (0.6%), dried egg, rapeseed oil , sodium chloride, yeast*, potassium chloride, seaweed* (0.15%), linseed (0.15%), yeast (extract), milk thistle, artichoke, dandelion, ginger, birch leaf, nettle, chamomile, coriander, rosemary, sage, liquorice, thyme, mussel meat* (0.01%), (Dried herbs total: 0.14%). (* dried; ** dried, part hydrolysed) | Metabolisable energy: 1600 KJ/100g; 3830 Kcal/kg

Happy Dog Mini Baby & Junior

Puppy and junior dog food with Happy Dog Puppy Food
Happy Dog Mini Baby & Junior is a gluten-free dry food for puppies and junior dogs from the 4th week, containing all the important nutrients. It’s also specially formulated to meet the energy needs of small dog breeds. For medium dog breeds we therefore recommend Happy Dog Baby Original, and for large dog breeds Happy Dog Baby Giant Lamb & Rice. Our puppy food contains only high-quality ingredients like delicious poultry and salmon. So it’s not just especially tasty, but it’s also ideal for sensitive puppies. Junior dogs have high energy requirements. In particular, feeding a puppy food with good levels of protein and minerals is important. The balanced formulation in Mini Baby & Junior can prevent symptoms of deficiencies and also over-dosing. Valuable New Zealand mussels ensure the healthy development of joints, sinews and ligaments. From the 9th (at the latest from the 12th) month you can move gradually move your dog on to dog food for adult dogs, e.g. from our Supreme Mini range. Would you like to know more about the right way to feed puppies and junior dogs? In our Puppy World our experts give tips on how to choose the right puppy food. In addition, we offer a special feeding guide for your puppy or junior dog.

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