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NaturCroq Poultry & Rice
Easily digestible natural food with poultry & rice for adult dogs

Does your dog have a sensitive gastro-intestinal tract? Then they’ll love this digestible, balanced complete food with the finest ingredients from the Bavarian countryside. The tasty kibbles contain high-quality ingredients such as easily digestible poultry, well-tolerated rice and naturally healthy whole grain from the region. Poultry provides your dog with high-value animal protein, and rice is a carbohydrate source that’s particularly gentle on the stomach and intestine. Whole-grain products supply the body with important fibre. In addition, they regulate the bowel function, satisfy the appetite, and strengthen the digestive system. They can also act to support intestinal health. Whole grain products also supply numerous B vitamins and minerals, such as magnesium, iron, selenium and zinc, and are full of complex carbohydrates. The delicious and exclusive formulation is enhanced with locally-grown herbs, to supply your four-legged friend with valuable nutrients from natural sources.

This tasty, customised dog food is ideal for normally active adult dogs of all breeds with a tendency to sensitivities, as the feeding of easily digested poultry and rice has been tried and tested in such cases.

poultry protein* (24.5 %), rice flour (17.0 %), wholegrain maize, maize flour, wholegrain barley, poultry fat, beet pulp* (desugared), hydrolysed liver, sunflower oil (0.9 %), apple pomace* (0.8 %), yeasts*, potassium chloride, canola oil (0.2 %), carrots*, sodium chloride, green oats*, sunflowers* (0.07 %), cress*, parsley*, (total green herbs: 0.3 %); *) dried

Whole grain products provide the body with important fibers. It also regulates bowel function, responds to appetite, and strengthens the digestive system. They can also act as a support for gut health. Whole grain products also provide many vitamins and minerals such as magnesium, iron, selenium, and zinc, and are full of complex carbohydrates. The unique, tasty and special recipe is enhanced with locally grown herbs.

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