Tropiclean Fresh Breath Mint Foam (4.5 Oz.)


Brand : Tropiclean


Tropiclean Fresh Breath Mint Foam

Tropicline foam reduces bad breath and prevents limestone.

Product Description

Foam to clean your teeth and gums for your dog's good oral hygiene. Tropiclean Fresh Breath Instant Mint Form is designed to make it easier to clean your dog's teeth and gums to help stop tooth stains and plaque. Fresh breath prevents the formation of new stains and tartar. Prevents the long-term development of oral diseases of dogs.

It's easy to use and hassle-free, so the dog doesn't resist or feel compelled.

• No toothbrush is required to take good oral health of your dog.

• Made of high quality natural products, consisting of sterile purified water and green tea extract, it is safe for dogs.

• Deep cleaning even harder parts The breath smelled fresh with the scent of mint.


Gently open the dog's lips to reveal the teeth and gums, both upper and lower. Press the pump head of the Tropicleane Fresh Breath Instant Mint Foam 1-2 times, spray it over the tooth and gum area, then do this on the other side. It is recommended to use it on a daily basis for continued good oral health.


Purified water, gryserine, natural alcohol, polysorbate 20, spear mint, citric acid, green tea extract, zinc gluconate (0.01/10 ml), baking soda, chlorophyll.

Packing size
4.5 oz (133 ml)

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