INABA ChuruSoft Meal Dog Food [267g.x7packs]



Brand : INABA


INABA Churu Soft Meal Dog Food - Soft Stuffed Kibble

Soft pellet food stuffed with cream for dogs.
Added prebiotics and lactic acid, useful in balancing various systems in the body.

- Helps treat gastrointestinal diseases such as constipation, diarrhea from infections
- Helps treat allergies
- vaginal infection
- Helps treat urinary tract diseases

6 Flavors

  1. Chicken Fillet with Vegetables
  2. Chicken Fillet with Beef
  3. Chicken Fillet with Cheese
  4. Chicken Fillet with Cartilage
  5. Chicken Fillet with Beef (x3 packs)/Vegetables (x2 packs)/Cartilage (x2 packs)
  6. Chicken Fillet with Vegetables (x4 packs)/Cheese (x3 packs)


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