Natural Core Merry Chu Lickable Cat Treats



Tuna/Cheese Lobster/Omega3 Tuna/Omega3 Tuna/Lobster Chicken/Shrimp Tuna/Shrimp Tuna/Seaweed Chicken/Omega3 Multipack

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  • Manufactured from raw materials. premium quality (Food grade) through production from a factory that meets world-class standards in Korea. to ensure that The ingredients used are fresh. and maintain complete nutrient value
  • Through development and digestion testing. (Digestibility test) which is tested on real animals by veterinarians. There is research confirming that the digestion coefficient is greater than 90%.
  • Passed the palatability test. (Palatability test) found that it is highly appetizing.
  • Fresh, no preservatives and no salt.
  • Contains fructo-oligosaccharides. Helps inhibit harmful bacteria in the intestines. and help strengthen a healthy immune system
  • Contains lysine, an essential amino acid for growth, high calcium and phosphorus.
  • Rich in protein, vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, B12, vitamin C and minerals to help maintain health.

8 Flavors

  1. Tuna and Seaweed Recipe.
    Helps in detox and excretion
  2. Lobster and Omega 3 recipe.
    Helps nourish hair and skin
  3. Tuna, Lobster Recipe
    Help strengthen the immune system.
  4. Chicken and Shrimp Recipe
    Help strengthen the immune system.
  5. Tuna and Shrimp Recipes.
    Help strengthen the immune system.
  6. Chicken and Omega 3 formula.
    Helps nourish hair and skin
  7. Tuna and Omega 3 formula.
    Helps nourish hair and skin
  8. Tuna and Cheese Recipe.
    Contains L-lysine to strengthen the immune system.
  9. Multipack has 3 flavors, 3 packs, Tuna+Omega3, Chicken+Shrimp, Tuna+Lobster.

Size 14g/sachet contains 4 sachets per pack*
*Multipack size 14g/sachet contains 3 sachets per pack*

*How to use*
Weight 5 kg. 1-2 sticks per day.
Weight 5-10 kg. 2-3 sticks per day.
Weight 10-15 kg. 3-4 sticks per day.
Weight 15 or more 4-5 bars per day

storage method
* If you can't eat all of them Can be closed and stored in the refrigerator for no more than 3 days.
* Should be stored in a cool and dry place. Avoid placing it in strong sunlight.

Natural Core snacks provide full nutritional value. Get protein, which helps build muscles. Beneficial to the growth of the body. In addition, the dog will also receive omega 3 and DHA, which will help nourish the skin and coat to be beautiful, strong, and also help promote the brain development of the dog as well. Secure packaging in a zip lock format. If you can't eat all It can be conveniently stored and easy to store.

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