Howndo - Dog Shampoo 300ml.



Ocean Breeze The Colors of Spring

1. Ocean Breeze
Helps take care of skin health Helps take care of itching, wounds, and dry skin, moisturizes it, and reduces your dog's body odor to make it smell fresh. It's like swimming under the deep sea.
Features of Ocean Breeze shampoo, wakame seaweed scent.
- Reduce itching
- Reduce body odor
- Helps make your dog's fur soft and fluffy. Naturally beautiful
- Moisturizes the skin
- Natural fresh scent
- Gentle formula

2. The Colors Of Spring
Helps care for and moisturize the skin. Ready to nourish and make it soft and fluffy naturally, greatly reducing hair loss. Gives a sweet sakura scent It's like taking your dog out for a walk at a flower festival**
Features of The Colors Of Spring Shampoo, Sakura scent
- Helps nourish the fur to be soft, fluffy, beautiful and natural.
- Nourish your dog's skin to be soft and moisturized.
- Japanese Sakura scent, natural fragrance
- Reduce itching
- Reduce hair loss
- Suitable for dogs with sensitive skin.
Size 300 ml

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