Dr.Holi - Pet Milk Lactose Free 200ml.



Dr.Holi Pet Milk, milk for dogs, imported from Korea.
Suitable for dogs 3 months and up.
Made from cow's milk

There are many formulas to choose from.
- Caramel recipe
- Vanilla recipe
- Adult formula suitable for older dogs.
- Mango formula suitable for dogs and cats.
- Red ginseng recipe
- Senior formula suitable for older dogs.
- Baby formula is suitable for young dogs.

– Milk with a fat rate of less than 1.6% is low-fat milk.
– Helps with health and vitality with vitamin A, vitamin D3, vitamin E, dibasic calcium phosphate. and ferric pyrophosphate
– Helps nourish eyesight and reduce fecal odor with beta-carotene and fructo-oligosaccharides.
- Supports hydrated skin and bone health with hyaluronic acid and calcium from seaweed.
– Lacto-free milk for pets who have problems consuming whole milk.

Recommended use
✔ small dogs (weight not exceeding 5 kg): 10 – 100 ml
✔Small dogs (5 kg – 11 kg): 100 – 200 ml
✔Large breed dogs (11 kg. – 23 kg.): 200 – 350 ml.
✔Giant dogs (23 kg. – 40 kg.): 350 – 500 ml.


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