Sun Wonder Jump High! - Hip&Joint Supplement 12 sachets


Brand : Sun Wonder


Hip & Joint Support for pet joints Can be eaten by both dogs and cats.
Specially formulated for dogs and cats to relieve pets' joint and hip pain.
Helps increase flexibility when moving. Suitable for daily dietary supplements to care for your pet's joint health.

Adjust joint flexibility
Add lubricant to the joints
muscle strength
strengthen muscles
Helps nourish cartilage to be strong.

Special added Collagen Type II
UC-II(Undenatured Collagen Type II)
Collagen is a protein that is easily degraded by heat, acids, and alkalis.
You can imagine yourself enjoying a protein-based meal like a barbecue.
Be it chicken, pork, beef, fish or seafood. Place on the grill and heat. Soon the meat will cook and the color, size and taste will change. and will never return to the way it was before

Collagen is a similar concept under the action of high temperature or acid hydrolysis.
It will lose its original structure and “denatured” in contrast to UC-II “
will not deform”, still maintaining the intact triple helix structure under low temperature extraction.
This is why UC-II is able to maintain mobility and flexibility and become a very effective nutritional supplement.

Joints are like mechanical gears. After bone friction, compression
or even loss of synovial fluid from joints that have deteriorated for a long time
It can cause inflammation and severe pain. “Osteoarthritis” is a chronic disease that is common in elderly dogs and cats.

Causes of osteoarthritis
● Run and jump. Exercising too much
●Caused by physical condition, genes, or injury.
● Wear and tear due to age.

1 box /12 packets
1 sachet contains 1.5 grams.

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