Nekko Senior 7+ [70g.x12pouches]



Categories : Cat Cat Food Wet Cat Food

Brand : NEKKO


Nekko Cat Food for 7+ years old Tuna Salmon in Jelly
Made with high quality real tuna and carefully selected salmon.
It has been meticulously produced and formulated to be suitable for elderly cats.
Small fish fillets, soft jelly, help make chewing easier, complete with nutrients, vitamins and minerals suitable for age.
For the good health of your beloved cat, does not contain any preservatives.

Protein not less than 8%
Fat not less than 0.2%
Residue not more than 1%
Humidity not more than 90%

1. Tuna in Jelly
2. Tuna and Chicken in Jelly
3. Tuna and Salmon in Jelly
4. Tuna and Katsuobushi in Jelly

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