Nekko Gold Can [85g.x4cans]



Categories : Cat Cat Food Wet Cat Food

Brand : NEKKO


Nekko Gold, adjusting the new recipe! Premium quality white meat tuna selection, focus on toppings.

Product Highlights
1) made from White meat TUNA (made from white meat tuna)
2) no preservative added
3) no artificial colors
4) Grain free
5) No salt added
6) Adding essential benefits to cats

* Prebiotics help balance the excretory system.
* Taurine aids in vision and the functioning of the muscles of the heart.
* Vitamin E nourishes the skin and hair.

- Krill oil
Rich in red antioxidants called astaxanthin.
Helps keep skin and hair healthy
Nourish and restore the functioning of the nervous system and brain.

- Yucca Extract
Reduces the smell of pet excrement
protects the intestinal wall
Helps eliminate intestinal germs

- Glucosamine
Prevent the deterioration of cartilage
Help adjust the condition for use with degenerative arthritis.
It is the main component of cartilage, herniated disc, and lubricating fluid in the joints.

1. Tuna in Gravy
2. Tuna Topped with Scallops in Gravy
3. Tuna Topped Salmon in Gravy
4. Tuna with Chicken in Jelly
5. Tuna with Cod in Jelly
6. Tuna with halibut in jelly

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