Nekko Pouch in Gravy [70g.x12pouches]



Categories : Cat Cat Food Wet Cat Food

Brand : NEKKO


New formula! Add 20% more white meat tuna meat, no artificial meat ingredients, product highlights 1) add 20% more tuna meat 2) No salt added 3) No preservatives and artificial colors 4) Enhance the essential benefits For cats- DHA from Salmon Oil - Brain and nervous system support- Prebiotics - Digestive system work well- Taurine - Improve eyesight and vision- Vitamin E - Maintain healthy skin and hair

1. Tuna
2. Tuna Topping Salmon
3. Tuna Topping Chicken
4. Tuna Topping Red Bream
5. Tuna Topping Shrimp and Scallops
6. Tuna Topping Shirasu
7. Tuna Topping Katsuobushi
8. Tuna Topping Kanikama

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