Pramy Cat Wet Food (70g.x12pouches)



Brand : Pramy


Pramy - Pramy wet food, cats. Super Premium Grade

Full nutritional value, healthy effects- Taurine supports brain development and body growth- Multivitamins support immunity-Omega-3&6 and evening primrose oil that especially nourishes hair and skin.

  • Tuna Mousse for Kitten
  • Chicken Mousse for Kitten
  • Salmon Mousse for Kitten
  • Maintenance
  • Tuna Meat Topping Chicken Meat in Jelly
  • Tuna Meat Topping Salmon in Jelly
  • Tuna Meat Topping Shrimp and Scallop in Jelly
  • Tuna in Jelly 7+
  • Tuna Topping Salmon in Jelly 7+
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