Sun Wonder Cat Probiotics


Brand : Sun Wonder


Sun Wonder Cat Probiotics - Probiotics to help balance the cat's digestive system.

Probiotics help balance the digestive system.
Great Formula specially made for pets.
Fish & Cheese Flavor
Increase good bacteria = increase microorganisms
Strengthen the immune system
Strengthen the digestive system and excretory system to work better.

✔ Take care of the excretion regularly.
✔ Reduce strong poop smell
✔ Laying in clumps, reducing the problem of liquefaction
✔ Reduce bad breath problems
✔ Prevent diarrhea from changing diet
✔ Reduce vomiting
✔ Relieve flatulence, reduce gas in the stomach
✔ Boost your immune system

Guaranteed deliciousness that pets like.
Continue to feed your pet on a daily basis for your pet's good gut flora.
Build a healthy immune system from the inside out
A daily supplement that strengthens your pet's digestive system.
balanced and strong

How to use
To eat directly or sprinkle on cat food to add flavor to the food more palatable.

Feeding Guide
- Weight less than 15 kg.
1 pack/day
- Weight more than 15 kg.
1+1/2 packs/day

12 sachets/box (1 sachet contains 2 grams)
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