Bake n Bone FILLET [170g.]




Bake n Bone FILLET - Dog Treats 100% Imported Beef 2 Recipes Beef and Tuna [170g.]
Fillet : Beef fillet is made from beef imported from England, 100% sliced in full sheet. Treats for dogs and cats Chewing Plearnon

It contains no starches or chemicals, resulting in full benefits and nutrients. The natural aroma of beef is also a top favorite among dogs and cats.

"100% focused meat, full benefit sheet"

  • Imported raw materials of excellent quality
  • No gluten from flour
  • All natural does not contain chemicals.
Ingredients : 100% imported beef

*No preservatives*

100% meat snacks, crispy Treats for dogs and cats It can be stored at room temperature for 1 year without refrigeration.
The expiration date of the product as attached to the package.
For best quality, pets should be consumed within 14 days of opening the package.
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