Unicharm Pet Deo-toilet (10 sheets)



Unicharm Pet Deo-toilet - Refillable Deotoylet (10 sheets)

Deo Toilet Antiback Deo Toilet Liner Refillable
No need to replace the lining pads for almost 1 week.
Keep worrying about smells for longer.
Urine flows through the sand down to the lining pad, a two-step odor absorption procedure.
The lining pads are easy to replace, do not mess up the hands.
Odor-reducing liner pads Insoluble in water. Please do not throw it in the toilet bowl.
Please use all 3 products of "Deo Toilet", namely sand toilets/liner pads, as a set only.
Packing size: 10 sheets

• Odor-reducing liner pads Contains a mixture of high-quality polymers. This makes it very absorbing in urine, and the microcapsules reduce odors with anti-bacterial agents. Reduce the accumulation of bacteria, as well as be able to observe the color of your cat's urine to check your health.

1 x Liner pad valid for 1 week*

• With "switchable liner tray" Even when your cat urinates in the same position every time. Instead, you can switch the other side of the tray inside so that you can use the full liner pad.


・Deo-toilet Sheet Cat liner pads reduce odors. Antiback model Refillable

・1 sheet of odor reduction can last for 1 week*

・Urine flows through the sand into the lining pad, which is a process to help absorb odors. Step 2

・Odor-reducing liner pads Insoluble in water. Please do not throw it in the toilet bowl.

・Please use all 3 products of "Deo-toilet".

・Sand reduces odors.

・Odor-reducing liner pads Set-only

Only one bathroom product itself cannot be used.

* When using deotoylet with 1 cat weighing up to 8 kg

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