Unicharm Pet Deo-toilet Hooded


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Unicharm Pet Deo-toilet Deo-toilet with cover
(Free 1 pack of liner pads and 2 liters of cat sand in the box)***

Unicharm Pet Deo toilet
Deo Cat toilet with cover (openable)

Product Description

Deo-toilet Hooded Cat toilet reduces odors* with a cover (openable)*Relieves 1 week of odor worries even with closed feeding • With 2 steps of odor reduction and cat sand reduces odors that do not coagulate when exposed to cat urine. This causes urine to quickly flow through the sand into the lower lining pads. Therefore, the sand face is always dry and easy to clean. Save sand. Do not constantly scoop cat sand, cat sand.

2 liters valid for 1 month
Odor-reducing liner pads Contains a mixture of high-quality polymers. This makes it very absorbing to urine.

  • Covered cat toilet (openable)
  • Worry about smell for 1 week even when fed with a closed system.
  • 2-stage odor extraction structure, both litter box and liner pads
  • Urine flows through the sand down to the lining pads, preventing the sand from coagulating. No need to scoop it away.
  • Urine lining pads are easy to clean. Do not mess up the tray or hands while replacing the sheets.
  • The drawer tray of the liner pad is designed to be easy to use. Specific model for Deo Toilet
  • Cat feces can be discarded with a fecal scoop located next to the toilet (can be hung in the bathroom).
  • Sand is difficult to attach to cat's feet, thus reducing the amount of sand splashed outside the cat's toilet.
  • Sand undergoes a dust-reducing coating process. This makes it not to mess up the cat's feet.
Dimensions (WxDxH) 55.4 x 41.9 x 42.6 Cm.
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