Unicharm Pet Deo Sheet Extra large sheets 60×44cm 36 sheets


Categories : Dog Toilet Pee Pad & Tray


Unicharm Pet Deo Sheet Extra Large Dog Urine Liner 60×44cm 36 sheets

Extra-large dog urine liner 60×44cm
Reduces odors without the use of perfumes to support the absorption of urine of small dogs up to 3-5 times* (approx. 150cc).

The liquid can quickly turn the liquid into a gel. It does not cause reflux outside the sheet, allows it to absorb large amounts of water. It does not leak under the sheets of quality products imported from Japan, used for excretion training in the house. The number of times it is absorbed depends on the amount of urine of each dog breed and age, worrying about dirt, which must be wiped when the dog excretes.

A urine liner for dogs will help the breeder to be more comfortable. With the ability to absorb urine quickly and excellently. The urine will not expand to hit the dog's feet. This allows the dog to run around sloppy and can reduce foul odors for good hygiene with the breeder and the dog. It can be used in both domestic rearing, floor coverings and cages, relieves worries even if the breeder has to go out to work and cannot replace the lining pads for a long time, or can be put on paving in a car, taking pets out or traveling.

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