Iskhan Dog Baby Starter 1kg.


Brand : Iskhan


Iskhan Dog Baby Starter
Holistic grade

Uses hydrolyzed protein as the main ingredient. It aids in digestion and is rich in amino acids obtained from various protein sources in recipes. Helping the growth of puppies contains Ig Y and colostrum (colostrum) that contribute to the immune system in puppies. Contains probiotics and FOS, which stimulate the activity of good bacteria in the digestive tract. Healthy intestinal health. The appearance of small pellets makes it easy for puppies to eat. Full of amino acids and minerals necessary for the growth of lactating mother puppies
For the start of the puppy to have Get complete nutrition with hydrolyzed protein that is easily absorbed into the body
It also boosts immunity with Ig Y to stimulate the immune system in the body and pro-prebiotics to help the digestive system. Adjust the intestinal system, not easy to diarrhoea

Product : Dog Food Isacan Baby Starter (Ig Y)
Formula for puppies 2-8 months old
Quality Standard : ISO 9001, ISO 14001

Size 1 kg. Retail price: 460 baht/bag.
Ingredients : Made from Fresh Chicken Hydrolyzed Protein*** Not Preservatives *

The quality of chemical feed :
Protein 32.0% Fat 21.0% Calcium 1.4%
Phosphorus 0.6% Fiber 3.0% Ash 9.0% Moisture 12.0%
Net weight : 1 kg
Size and method of use: Give to pets. with recommended dosage

Reduce the smell of feces and pee
AAFCO Low Sodium and Hydrolyzed Protien is easily digested and absorbed.
Probiotics and ftucto-oligosaccharide added formula prevent diarrhea
Caring for the kidneys, balancing the intestines and improving the digestive system
Maintain healthy skin and coat
Ig Y Immuno globulin and herbs that immune system

Size 1 kg.

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