Iskhan Soft - soft dog food, chicken formula 1.2kg


Brand : Iskhan


Iskhan Soft - Soft Dog Food Chicken Formula

Iscan Soft is a food for choosy, hard-to-eat, hard-to-eat dogs and dogs with teething problems that have difficulty chewing. Products are made from the semi-moisture process. (semi-humidity), which maintains the value of nutrients keeping the dog healthy
It is a good flavor dog food recipe that uses fresh boneless chicken as raw material to reduce the destruction of nutritional value by using process Semi moisture to produce protease enzymes to increase protein digestion. Using fresh chicken meat as a raw material to make the food fresh and good taste.
Glucosamine and chondroitin have been used to help the dog's joint health. Contains natural herbal probiotics
and FOS, which stimulates the activity of good bacteria in the digestive tract for a healthy gut.

Product : Isacan Soft Dog Food Chicken Flavor (Soft Granule)
Formula for hard-to-eat dogs aged 1 year and older - old age. dogs with chewing problems Solving difficult eating problems

Quality Standard : ISO 9001, ISO 14001
Place of manufacture : Korea
Size 1.2 kg. Retail price: 570 baht/bag.
Ingredients : Made from Fresh Chicken Hydrolyzed Protein*** Not Preservatives *

The quality of chemical feed :
Protein 21.0% Fat 8.0% Calcium 1.0%
Phosphorus 0.6% Fiber 3.0% Ash 9.0% Moisture 25.0%
Net weight : 1.2 kg (zipped envelope 300 g x 4 ea)
Size and method of use: Give to pets. with recommended dosage

Reduce the smell of feces and pee
AAFCO Low Sodium
Contains glucosamine/chondroitin Helps maintain joints and bones
Caring for the kidneys, balancing the intestines and improving the digestive system
Maintain healthy skin and coat
Soft, easy-to-chew tablets

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