Royal Canin British Shorthair Kitten




Royal Canin British Shorthair Kitten
Granulated cat food for kittens British breed Short Hair 4-12 months old

Product Description
Supports bone and muscle structure with up to 38% protein, L-carnitine Glucosamine and chondrotics support gastrointestinal health with easily digestible proteins. Prebiotics enhance natural immunity with celt antioxidants for British Short Hair kittens up to 12 months old.
Special Diet Tablets for British Short Hair Cats Specially designed Moon-shaped diet tablets make it easy for British Shorthair kittens to eat and stimulate chewing, enhancing bone and muscle development with protein content. Vitamins, minerals suitable and containing L-carnitine help burn excess fat, take care of digestion and excretion with high-quality protein. L.I.P., xylium fiber and prebiotics (FOS-MOS) help balance bacteria and convert feces into good lumps to strengthen immunity with antioxidants, including vitamin E.
Protein not less than 36%, fat not less than 18%, Residue not more than 3.2%, humidity Not more than 7%.
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