Royal Canin Fit 32




Royal Canin Fit 32
Granulated cat food for older cats aged 1 year and older

Product Description
Provides moderate energy, suitable for cats who do not exercise much. Contains fiber and beets.
This stimulates the movement of food inside the intestines.
and remove residual hairs inside the intestines. For adult cats aged 1 year and older

Ideal nutrition
Meet the needs of adult cats To stay healthy

Proportional shape
Keep in shape with the right energy and food.

Take care of the problem of lumps of hair.
With dietary fiber from xylium Contributes to the excretion of hair clots in the gastrointestinal tract.

Take care of urinary tract health
With the right mineral balance.

Protein not less than 30%, fat not less than 13%, residue Not more than 5.3%, humidity. Not more than 6.5%.

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