Royal Canin Indoor




Royal Canin Indoor
Granulated cat food for older cats, domesticated, 1 - 7 years old

Product Description
Contains easily digestible proteins (L.I.P) It helps to reduce the smell of droppings containing fiber and beets, which stimulates the movement of food inside the intestines and eliminates residual hairs inside the intestines. Carnitin reduces fat accumulation and converts it into energy for domesticated cats aged 1 - 10 years.
Reduces the smell of droppings. Adjust the stool to a good lump with high-quality protein (L.I.P.) that is easily digested and absorbed into the body, the right energy to meet the needs of domestic cats who do little activity, take care of the problem of lumps with dietary fiber from the silium. Contributes to the excretion of hair clots in the digestive tract, takes care of urinary tract health with the right mineral balance Ingredients:wheat Rice, wheat proteinByproducts of poultry meal, corn, poultry fat Hydrolyle poultry liver, wheat flour, mineral plant fiber membranes, beet pulp, soybean oil, vitamins, yeast and yeast components, fish oil. Fructo-oligo-chaccarides The meat and shell of silium seeds, feed quality preservation agents.

Protein not less than 25, fat not less than 11%. Not more than 6.5%.

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