Royal Canin Kitten




Royal Canin Kitten
Granulated cat food for kittens aged 4 - 12 months

Product Description
High protein and palatability Enough nutrients to meet the needs of a growing kitten.
Contains antioxidants to help strengthen the body's immune system.
Contains vitamins. Calcium nourishes hair, nourishes bones, and nutrients that help maintain digestive health.

Take care of digestion and excretion with high-quality protein (L.I.P.)
Calcium fiber and prebiotics (FOS-MOS) help balance bacteria and adjust stools to lumps because their digestive system is not fully functioning at this age. 

Strengthen immunity with antioxidant groups.
Including vitamin E, vitamin C, taurine, lutein, beta-carotene, and beta-glucan.

Growing up to age, healthy
With protein levels Vitamins and minerals (vitamin D and calcium) Energy Concentrated Foods Meet the rapid growth period L.I.P. Specially selected proteins that are easily digestible and absorbed into the body above 90%.

Protein not less than 32%, fat not less than 23%, residue not more than 2.9%, humidity Not more than 6.5%.

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