Royal Canin French Bulldog Adult




Royal Canin French Bulldog Adult
Granulated dog food for older dogs French breed Bulldogs 12 months and older

Product Description
IDEAL MUSCLE MASS Optimal protein content L-carnitine helps break down fat into energy for building strong, strong muscles Skin Support strengthens the skin, reduces the risk of skin irritation and infection Special Brechycephalic Jaws, shape and hardness of food pellets. Specific design suitable for short-faced dogs, easy to eat. Chewing and reducing limestone Joint Support strengthens bones. Odour Reduction High-quality proteins are easily digested and absorbed, reducing the fermentation processes that occur in the intestines, resulting in a reduction in the smell of feces. For French Bulldogs 12 months or more

Take care of muscle bundles with a high proportion of protein (26%) and L-carnitine. Helps maintain the muscles of the French mastiff. Bulldogs provide strength. Healthy skin for healthy skin, strengthens skin barrier, retains moisture with Omega 3 (EPA&DHA), reduces odors. Adjusting the stool to lumps reduces fermentation in the digestive tract, which causes bloating and odor.

Protein not less than 24%, fat not less than 16%, Residue not more than 2.3%, humidity Not more than 11%.

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