Royal Canin Maxi Adult




Royal Canin Maxi Adult - for adult dogs, large breeds of 3 sizes.
Granulated dog food for large breeds of adult dogs aged 15 months and older (adult 26-44 kg)

Product Information
To ensure digestive safety, EPA-DHA helps with intestinal inflammation, minerals and beet palps help regulate the amount of time food is in the intestines, helps you improve stool image, taurine helps regulate heart rhythm and heart compression strength. Reduces the risk of myocardial ischemia for the health of the complete joints. Strong, with chondroitin. High Glucosamine Increases EPA-DHA Recipes Good selection of ingredients makes the food taste good, as well as meticulously packaged, enhancing the palatability of oxygen-free vacuum bags for large breeds of dogs.

Enhances the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract with high-quality easily digestible proteins and balanced dietary fiber, takes care of the bones and joints that need to bear a large body weight.
Protein not less than 24%, fat not less than 15%, residue Not more than 2.2%, humidity Not more than 11%.
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