Royal Canin - Maxi Starter Mother & Babydog




Royal Canin Maxi Starter Mother & Baby Dog
Dog Food Royal Kanin for mothers, dogs of large breeds during pregnancy and puppies after weaning.

Product Information
Suitable for mothers of large breeds of dogs during pregnancy and weaning their babies.
for large dogs (adult weight between 26-44 kg), Pregnant dog mother-feeding Puppies weaned-2 months
Nutrition for pregnant mother dogs and weaned puppies High energy, nourishing pregnant dogs - feeding, nutrition suitable for the transition period.
For weaning puppies Small food pellets absorb water easily.

High energy, complete nutrition, nourishing the body in pregnant / breastfeeding dogs.
Proper nutrition (protein, fat, energy) is easy to change in your puppy's diet. Weaning period
Food pellets absorb water easily, improving palatability.
Contains nutrients contained in breast milk suitable for puppies, making them easily digestible, suitable for the transition from breast milk to solid food.

Protein not less than 28%, fat not less than 20%, residue not more than 2.8%, humidity Not more than 9%.

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