Royal Canin Medium Puppy




Royal Canin - Medium Puppy
Dog Food Pellets for Puppies Middle varieties Age 2 - 12 months (adult weight 11-25 kg)

Product Description
It uses quality proteins that are carefully selected, easily digestible, safe for the gastrointestinal tract. High energy content and high protein content are sufficient to meet the body's needs. As the body grows rapidly. It contains the right amount of calcium and phosphorus for energy levels. A special antioxidant formula supports your puppy's natural immunity. For puppies of medium breeds, 2 - 12 months old

Strengthen immunity with antioxidants including vitamin E, vitaminsi, taurine, lutein, beta-carotene and beta-glucans, take care of digestion and excretion with high-quality protein (L.I.P.) and prebiotics (FOS), help balance bacteria and convert feces into high-energy lumps that meet the rapid growth period of intermediate puppies.

Protein not less than 30%, fat not less than 18%, residue not more than 2.6%, humidity Not more than 9.5%.

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