Royal Canin Mini Adult




Royal Canin Mini Adult
Granulated feed for adult dogs of small breeds, 10 months - 8 years old (adult weight under 10 kg)


Product Description
It's a specialty food that's designed to have nutritional value appropriate for small dogs.
To help maintain your dog's weight at the right level, there is L-canitine.
That accelerates fat burning, gives your dog the energy it needs, and helps them gain the right weight, helping to maintain good skin health and maintaining a shiny coat with sodium polyphosphate. It helps to trap calcium in saliva and reduces the occurrence of limestone, meeting the needs of small breeds of dogs who choose to eat well. With a pleasant taste for young adult dogs. 10 months - 8 years old


Optimum power
It helps to take care of the shape of small dogs and has L-carnitine. Improves metabolism.

High palatability
Meet the needs of small dogs with their own unique smell and taste.

Beautiful, healthy fur.
With Skin Care Nutrition Group and EPA&DHA

Protein not less than 25%, fat not less than 14%, residue Not more than 2.2%, humidity Not more than 10.5%.

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