JerHigh - PANNA COTTA 70g.



Brand : JerHigh


JerHigh PANNA COTTA - JerHigh Panna Cotta
Premium snacks and food for dogs in a new style from JerHigh for dogs to taste before anyone else.
Buy 1 get 2, both snacks and ice cream, deliciousness that you and your dog can choose by yourself.

Made from good quality chicken breast mixed with super food ingredients until it becomes a soft, delicious snack...easy to eat, suitable for your beloved dog, plus can be stored in the refrigerator as ice cream to increase the deliciousness as well.

5 flavors.
- Chicken and Pumpkin Mousse Flavor -
Contains vitamin A to help maintain eyesight

- Chicken and Tuna Mousse Flavor -
Contains omega 3 and 6 to nourish brain, skin and hair

- Chicken and blueberry mousse flavor -
Contains antioxidants that help with excretion

- Chicken and Cranberry Mousse Flavor -
Contains antioxidants to help balance the body

- Chicken and wheatgrass mousse flavor -
High in fiber helps balance the digestive system.

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