Nutritional nutrients and vitamins supplement gel for cats. Giving beta-glucan, Taurine and Lysine Support body healthy, blood function and immune systems.

  • For cats, leukemia, feline AIDS, anemia, allergies, kidney disease, various chronic diseases.
    Cats that are easily stressed, skinny, look unhealthy Or want to nourish the body after vaccination or after illness
  • Do not eat, get bored or have a wound in the mouth. Irosine Cat is easy to feed and smear
  • giving only 5 centimeters per day or half a teaspoon for cats weighing more than 2 kilograms, can be used with all breeds

feed directly in an amount of 3 g each time, 1 time per day

- Lysine
- Taurine
- Beta-Glucan
- pantothebic acid
- iron
- copper
- folic acid
- Niacin
- Vitamin B1 B2 B5 B6 B12
- Vitamin K

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