deserve Real Meat Meal Booster - Antioxidant 130g.


Brand : Deserve


Boost immunity, boost yummy in every meal, DESERVE Real Meat Meal Booster, Antioxidant Rice Powder

  • Made from crocodile meat. High quality protein, low fat
  • Human-Grade same as people eating, clean, safe, not using by-products.
  • Contains Superfoods such as Kale, Quinoa, Spirulina, Wheatgrass to help maintain good health.
  • Add deliciousness to every meal. Make food smell good to dogs and cats.
  • Formulated by expert veterinarians. to get a delicious, appetizing taste Get a full selection of nutrients from Superfood
  • No colorants, no additives.


Feeding Tips
1. Dry Topping: Easy to eat dry just sprinkle directly on food
2. Gravy way: Just mix with water and pour it over your pet food.
3. In Water: Mixed with water to stimulate the drinking

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