deserve Freeze-Dried 100% Crocodile Meat 40g.


Brand : Deserve


For dogs and cats 100% real freeze-dried crocodile meat, premium grade
Delicious, nutritious, low-fat snacks that your child can eat every day without feeling guilty. Gluten-free, grain-free.

  • low fat
  • Not salted, not added salt, not added color, real meat
  • If you are allergic, you can eat it.
  • Selection of quality meat pieces, not using scraps of meat
  • without accelerators hormone boosters
  • The same grade as the person who eats
  • Produced by freeze-drying, so it does not go through the heat process, making freeze-dried crocodile meat
  • good serving. still fresh
  • Give as a reward, snack, or sprinkle as a topping on food.
  • Suitable for dogs and cats of all ages. or even in dogs or cats with food allergies
  • Have a valid pet food registration number
  • There is a team of veterinarians to give advice.

Guaranteed Analysis

Protein (Protein) 93%
Fat (Fat) 3%
Fiber 1%
Moisture (Moisure) 3 %

Feeding advice Eat as snacks, snacks for health.
1-10 kg 5-10 pieces/day
10-20 kg 10-15 pieces/day
20-30 kg 15-20 pieces/day
>30 kg 20-25 pieces/day

** Should not consume more than 1 bag, energy 165.2 kcal (40 grams) per day.
*Can be supplemented with the food you are eating to be a source of protein in the diet of dogs or cats. By supplementing according to the volume according to the table given

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