FORCANS Nutrition Treats 240g.




FORCANS Nutrition Treats - Healthy Snacks

  • Small individule pack easy to take away
  • Always fresh
  • Easy to feed, just one piece a day
  • Imported from korea

4 Formulas

  1. Forcans Nutrition Treats - Skin and Coat
    : Contains flax seeds and plant-based omega fatty acids to help protect skin and a healthy coat. *Contains canola oil and plant-based omega fatty acids that are essential to your dog's overall health. *contains omega fatty acids from fish Helps maintain the dog's skin structure and overall body function.

  2. Forcans Nutrition Treats - Eye Care and reduce tears
    : Contains lutein and zeaxanthin that help support the retina in the eye. and control the function of the conjunctiva including the cornea * contains anthocyanin is an antioxidant Helps protect the eye lens, cornea and retina *Contains omega-3 DHA/PDA and essential fatty acids in the omega-3 family, which are the basic structure of brain cells and retina.

  3. Forcans Nutrition Treats - Hip and Joint
    : Contains glucosamine which is an important component of cartilage In particular, it helps prevent deterioration or tearing of cartilage. * Contains shark cartilage powder helps build nutrients for the bone marrow help reduce shock and helps strengthen elastin in cartilage *Contains mussels from New Zealand Which contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory substances. Helps relieve inflammation

  4. Forcans Nutrition Treats - Immunity


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