PROAD - Keep Me Clean - Pet Cleansing Spray 20ml.


Brand : PROAD

PROAD Keep Me Clean spray helps prevent germs, inhibit mold and bacteria. Also increase moisture to the pet skin. Gentle for pets. Made from 3 types of Thai herbal extracts: Andrographis, Rhinacantus and Bitter Orange.

  • Kill germs & Antibacterial
  • Soothes skin irritations
  • Gentle & mild
  • Gives fresh & good smells
  • Lickable

Synthetic color

Shake well before use. Spray it on your hand and gently pat it over the pet's body. Or you can spray it directly on the pet. (Avoid the eye area) with natural extracts. Can be used as often as needed Gentle and safe even for small animals

Water, Calendula extract (Organic), Andrographis extract, Rhinacanthus extract, Custard apple extract, Malic acid, Probiotics, Food grade flavor

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