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Brand : PANDO


PANDO Pet Dryer Room
Pando Pet Hair Dryer Model PD50 has a window for catching pets.

Pet hair dryer Can be used for both hair blowing (fast drying and dry comfort) and pet house (warm and cool air). U-shaped air system can reach every dry point, every part. Negative Ion for beautiful hair without tangling. Can do a maximum temperature of 40 degrees Celsius, constant temperature sensor. Comes with 2 side windows for playing with pets to reduce stress.

• U-shaped air system sucks in air from the back and releases it up from the bottom. Therefore drying all parts of the hair, whether it is the stomach, paws, tail or ears.
• Negative Ion system makes pet hair reduce static electricity. Increase the softness of the hair.
• Adjust the wind power to 4 levels.
• Four-way air vents and side windows allow hands to enter. Make pets feel uncomfortable
• Side window Both sides can be removed to use as a cat house. (Suitable for Heat or Cool mode)
• The sound is only 40dB, so it won't make pets panic while using it.
• The front of the cabinet is tempered glass, full pane, heat resistant, durable and can see pets clearly.
• Can adjust the brightness of the lights as needed.
• Operation control through the status display.
• With automatic screen lock system can be unlocked by simply swiping up and down with your finger
• Precise temperature control system. with up to 5 layers of electrical protection

– Two NTC sensors
– 1 digital temperature sensor
– 1 point PTC ceramic heating system
– Solid state relay, amount 1 point
– EMR number 1 point
– 1 point fuse

• Heat 39 degrees Celsius, which is the ideal temperature for not too hot for pets.
• PTC ceramic heating system that can heat up to the set temperature in just 3 minutes.
• Don't worry about temperature instability with PID to control the temperature difference by +- 0.5°C.
• Efficiency in eliminating bacteria and germs up to 94.5% *Only in sterilization mode.
• Strong and durable ABS construction
• The number indicates the percentage of humidity inside the machine. (If the number shown is higher will cause the hair to dry slowly)
• Comes with “1 piece of synthetic chamois towel” for absorbing pet hair after showering. (before bringing pets into the plane)

The wind power can be adjusted to 4 levels.

1. Quick Dry (quick drying): 60 minutes (1-120 minutes), the temperature rises quickly to the set value of 40 ° C (time and temperature can be adjusted)
2. Cozy Dry (comfortable dry): 90 minutes (1-120 minutes), the temperature gradually Increase up to the set value of 39°C (time and temperature can be adjusted)
3. Heat (heat): add warmth to the cat. Maximum temperature 32°C *Time cannot be set.
4. Cool (cold wind): blowing cool air for the cat. *Can't set time and adjust temperature.
5. Sterilizer (sterilizer): for sterilizing cat toys *Do not let the cat stay in the cupboard and its vicinity, after 30 minutes the hair dryer can be used normally.
Note: If any values ​​have been modified, the system will always remember those values. To return to the default setting must be adjusted manually

• Quick Dry / Cozy Dry, noise 60 dB
• Heat / Cool noise 40 dB
• Working Environment : 5 C – 35°C

How to Clean the Cloth

– Rinse with plain water
– If it smells, wash it with soap. Then wash with clean water.
- Twist enough to not dry too much. and stored in a box with a tight lid.
– If the cloth is too dry, it will cause the cloth to tear. (The fabric is not moldy)


• Use your hands to remove any hair that is stuck on the inside exhaust fan.
• Open the bottom plate. Use wipes to dry.
• In case of waterlogging Unplug the power plug. and open the rubber point at the bottom of the machine to drain the water
• Open the back cover. Bring a sponge to wash with clean water and let the air dry completely. before reassembling for use again


• In use every time. Users should always stay close to pets.
• You can adjust the temperature and wind power as appropriate.
• Do not place the dryer too close to the wall. There should be a distance of at least 10 – 15 cm because the machine will work by sucking air from the back into the machine.
• Do not keep pets inside alone. because it can cause stress
• Recommended pet size.
– Dogs : weight not over 8 kg/pc
– Cats: weight not exceeding 9.5 kg/each (in the case of entering at the same time, 2 animals, weight not exceeding 5.4 kg each)

Product Details
- Material: ABS
– Product size: 46.7 x 43.7 x 43.6 cm
– Internal dimensions of the device: 41.3 x 34.7 x 35.9 cm
– Net weight: 8.8 kg
– Total weight of the box: 10.8 kg
– Electric frequency: 220V / 50Hz
– Power: 350W
– Power plug: Thai plug, 3 round pins
Inside the Box
- pet hair dryer
– Chamois cloth
– 1 Thai language manual
– 1 set of English manuals

*Warranty for the product only for a period of 1 year (accessories not included).
*Please keep the product box for 15 days in order to use for product claims.

– 100% genuine product
– TIS standard 1985-2549

**Please be careful of products that do not have a TIS sticker attached on the machine.

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