[Pre-Order] PANDO x Petree - Automatic Cat Litter Box Pro WIFi Version


Brand : PANDO


• Safe with weight sensors at 4 points, stop spinning immediately. when the cat goes inside make it safe for kids
• No internal intersections, ensuring safety in every use.
• Can be used with cats weighing from 1.5 kg up to a maximum of 8 kg.
• The entrance is only 17 cm high, suitable for short-legged cats who can enter and exit comfortably.
• Can be used with small round cat litter. Bentonite Cat Litter
• Connect to Wi-Fi to operate via mobile phone* (2.4 GHz only)
• Easily removable for cleaning* (except the base part) After washing, please wait for it to dry completely before reassembling.)
• Work status screen
• Infrared sensor alerts if the trash in the bin is full.
• The machine works quietly. Noiseless (40 – 60 decibels)
• Able to put deodorant in the cat toilet that contains natural extracts as well, 1 piece / 30 days after activation

• Material: PP plastic + Rubber Pad
• Size: 62.4 x 58.7 x 53.7 cm (width x length x height)
• Diameter: 26 cm.
• Product weight (Net Weight): 7.5 Kg.
• Total weight of the box (Gross Weight): 13.5 Kg.
• Input : 12V/ 1A
• Power: 5 W
• Entrance width: 36 cm
• Floor to entrance height: 17 cm
• Weight support: from 1.5 – 8 Kg.
• Sand capacity : 4 L
• Poop bin capacity: 4 L

1. Place the device on a solid, level surface to avoid vibration or interference to the measurement.
2. Place the device at least 5 cm away from the wall.
3. Do not place objects on the device to avoid measurement errors and damage to the components.
4. Do not place the device in a humid environment and avoid placing the device in direct contact with water to avoid damaging the circuit board.
5. Do not place the device on a soft surface such as a carpet to avoid measurement errors.
6. Do not place the device in direct heat to prevent damage to the device.
7. Use small round bentonite cat litter.
8. Please lift and move the device with both hands. Do not drag the device on smooth or rough surfaces.
9. For safety Please use with cats over 3 months old and weighing more than 1.5 kg.

*Does not support iPadOS
* The product is guaranteed for a period of 1 year after the customer receives the product.

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