[Pre-Order] PANDO x Petree Second Generation Cat Litter Box (Lite)


Brand : PANDO


Automatic cat toilet, 2nd generation, beautiful design, rounded and saving storage space. Comes with infrared sensors and detection radar that will stop turning when it detects children. Can be used with all clumping cat litter such as bentonite, tofu, mixed sand, mineral sand, corn. Put up to 5 liters of sand with a 6 liter waste bin. Low noise, can be placed in the bedroom without worrying about noise Easy to remove and clean You can also control the operation through the app.

• Infrared sensor and radar detection system. More Accuracy When the cat approaches the toilet, the machine will stop spinning immediately. make it safe for kids
• Specially designed grill plate. For precisely separating excrement and sand (Length 3 cm x Width 0.9 cm)
• Suitable for all types of sand (bentonite, tofu, mixed sand, mineral sand, maize, pine).
• All sand can be poured out. To press the button on the machine 2 times in a row
• The stool tray is installed underneath, easy to remove, store, and discard, with a red indicator light to indicate when the tray is full.
• The poop bin is bigger than before. This makes it possible to rest waste for up to 7-10 days per 1 cat * depending on the amount of taking.
• Beautiful design, curved shape, smaller device size. but spacious inside
• Can be easily removed for cleaning.
• Able to put deodorant in the cat toilet that contains natural extracts as well, 1 piece / 30 days after activation
• The machine works quietly. Noiseless (under 40 decibels)
• Connect to Wi-Fi to operate via mobile phone* (2.4 GHz only)
• Easy to clean. no tools required * The base cannot be washed with water.
• Built-in temperature sensor *Because the temperature should not exceed 35°
• Do not use the device outdoors in direct sunlight. or areas where the rain has reached
• Free! Cat litter mat, size 53.2 x 53.2 cm, 1 sheet

*Does not support iPadOS
*Note: Before using the cat toilet every time After plugging in, the machine will automatically rotate. When the machine stops turning, you can add cat litter to be able to use normally.

– Material: PP + Rubber Pad
– Size: 52 x 52 x 64 cm (width x length x height)
– Diameter: 26 cm
– Product weight (Net Weight): 10 Kg.
– Total weight of the box (Gross Weight): 13 Kg.
– Input : 12V/ 1A
– Entrance width: 26 cm
– Floor to entrance height: 30 cm
– Weight support: from 1 – 8 Kg.
– Support for sand: 5 L
– Poop bin capacity: 6 L

* The product is guaranteed for a period of 1 year after the customer receives the product.
*Conditions are as specified by the company.

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