PANDO Pet Window Perch



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Categories : Cat Beds/Cage/Condos Beds

Brand : PANDO


PANDO 2 in 1 - Cat Perch on Mirror
Add joy during the day for little cats. to experience the freedom of the outside world through the window inside the house Create enjoyment and space for recreation.

Product Details
• Product material: strong and durable canvas, elastic cord, wood that is friendly to nature.
• Product size: 38 x 61 x 38 cm (W x D x H)
• Package size: 48 x 62 x 38 cm (W x D x H)
• Product weight : 1.35 kg.
• Weight support: Tent style, maximum 12.5 kg.
open type up to 15 kg

Can be installed in 2 ways
– triangular shape cat tent
- Cat cradle type, can be used independently enjoy every move
• Tough canvas fabric, strong, durable, supports every situation.
• Strong adhesion With glass suction cups up to 4 points
• glass suction cup Easy to clean
• Easy to assemble without using other tools. (Installation equipment is included in the box)
• Able to support weight up to 15 kg.

Installing Steps
1. Before installing, immerse the suction cup in hot water until the material recovers.
2. Dry the suction cup. to increase the efficiency of adhesion to the surface even more
3. Wipe clean the surface where the cat cradle is to be installed.
4. Can be installed in 2 ways

• Should only be used on glass surfaces.
• Should have 2 cat hammocks to provide more space for your cat to jump around freely.

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