PAWOOF- Pet Green Water Fountain1.5L.


PAWOOF - Pet Water Fountain with high performance long-lasting filter

- Fountain Size: 8.3 x 8.3 x 7.5 inches
- Water Capacity: 50 Oz (1.5 L)
- Fountain Weight: 1.2 pounds
- Tube Height: 3.9 inches
- Cord Length: 47 inches. Can be extended by USB.

Product Qualifications
  • Sophisticated Filtration System
    Compared to the conventional cotton pad with a small amount of activated carbon, this cat water fountain has a sophisticated water-filtration system. Certified by SGS, the world's largest lab, the filter consists of high-quality coconut shell activated carbon, silver ion formula, Purolite ion exchange resin, and high absorption capacity multi-pore mineral stone balls. Tested to kill 99.9% of bacteria and prevent mold growth.

  • Enclosed Design
    The filter is an enclosed design, making sure every drop of water is thoroughly filtered.
    It provides healthier, fresher, odor-free, oxygen-enriched, and better-tasting water for your pets.

  • Additional Pre-filter Sponge
    Pre-filter sponge removes large particles, hair, sediment, and other debris while extending the pump’s lifespan.

  • Safe Material
    Non-toxic food-grade material, BPA free.

  • Alternate Drinking Modes
    Two different drinking modes meet the needs of the various pets. Gentle flow motivates your cat to drink; It softens the tap water to remove impurities, which could lead to urinary tract infections.

  • Visible Water Level
    Visible full transparency water tank, you can easily know when to clean and refill water.

  • Extremely Quiet
    A small energy-efficient pump makes barely any noise, ensuring a good night's rest for you and your pets.

  • Low Maintenance
    Hygienic and dishwasher safe. Little maintenance is required. Adorably cute design decorates your room, Ideal for all sorts of small pets when their owner is on a short trip.
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