PAWOOF Aura Pet Water Fountain 2.3L.



  • Intelligent light and pump
    The gentle adjustable light is not only a stylish decoration for your room but smart to remind you to refill water or replace the filter. When the water level is low, the light turns red, and the intelligent pump shuts off automatically. It prevents the pump from running dry. After the filter uses for two months, the light also turns red even if the water level is enough to remind you to replace the filter.

  • Adjustable light to meet different needs
    With a press button, you can turn off the fountain when you do not want to keep it running. The gentle light from the translucent center shade is appealing to your pets. It offers 3 level brightness options (Low, Medium, High). Press the button to adjust the lighting to meet your different needs. Nightlight for a steady sleep or nursing. Accent lighting for warm mood. Proper high comfortable brightness for studying or working. Super handy to operate.

  • Most sophisticated filtration system
    Compared with the conventional thin round cotton pad with a little bit of activated carbon, this cat water fountain has a sophisticated water filtration system. It is certified by the world’s largest lab, SGS. The filter consists of high-quality coconut shell activated carbon, silver ions formula, Purolite ion exchange resin, and high absorption capacity multiple pore mineral stone balls. The testing result proves that such a water filtering system kills bacteria by 99.99%. It stops from growing mold.

  • Huge volume and enclosed design
    The filter is an enclosed design, making sure every drop of water is thoroughly filtered.
    It provides healthier, fresher, free of foul odors, oxygen-enriched, and better-tasting water for your pets.

  • Additional pre-filter sponge
    Pre-filter sponge removes large particles, hair, sediment, and other debris while extending the pump’s lifespan.

  • Extremely quiet
    A small energy-efficient pump makes barely noise, extremely quiet, gives you and your pets 100% sweet sleep.

  • Little maintenance
    Little maintenance is required. Easily open it by just turning the crystal-clear cover, convenient for cleaning.
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