JAIKLA Crunchy Treats - Happy Vitamins 80g.


Brand : Jaikla

JAIKLA Crunchy Treats, dog treats made from insect protein and natural ingredients. good for dog health and good for the environment.

HAPPY VITAMINS formula (yellow envelope) containing SUPERFOOD with high vitamins such as carrots, pumpkins, purple potatoes, high in antioxidants, helping to slow down aging, strengthening the immune system. Nourish the dog to be strong.

Formula designed and developed by a team of veterinarians and small animal nutritionists. We use superfood and high quality human-grade ingredients that contain nutrients suitable for the growth and health of dogs.

Use the main protein from insects raised in a closed farm, clean, safe, no residue. It is an easily digestible source of protein. And contains essential amino acids for dogs. It's also an environmentally sustainable source of protein. Help our dogs to be a part of saving the world as well.

  • Crunchy Baked
  • Main source of protein from insects It is high in protein and minerals in reasonable amounts.
  • Vitamin-rich fruits and vegetables
  • Carbohydrates from brown rice and riceberry
  • Marine fish oil contains Omega 3 & 6

No Salt, No Preservatives No artificial colors and fragrances.

*Snacks are 1 year old. You can see the expiration date on the snack packet. We recommend taking it within 2 weeks of opening the sachet. for the freshness of the dessert and it is advisable to close the envelope completely away from moisture because our desserts do not contain preservatives

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