Natural Core Twin Pouch- Cat Wet Food 80g.



Chicken/Duck Katsuobushi/Tuna Salmon/Tuna Beef/Chicken Mackerel

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Natural Core Twin Pouch Soup Wet Food for Cats, Imported from Korea.

Natural Core wet food provides full nutritional value. Get protein, which helps build muscles. Beneficial to the growth of the body. In addition, the dog will also receive Omega 3 and DHA, which will help nourish the skin and coat to be beautiful, strong, and also help promote the brain development of the dog as well. Secure packaging in a zip lock format. If you can't eat all It can be conveniently stored and easy to store..

- Made from 100% real chicken meat and tomatoes, spinach, pumpkin, carrots
- No flavoring, coloring or preservatives
- Safety control from food scientists in every step
- Contains up to 70% protein
- Low sodium and fat
- Delicious taste that cats like

5 Formulas

- Katsuobushi and Tuna
- Salmon and Tuna
- Mackerel Soup
- Beef and hicken
- Chicken and Duck

*Twin Pouch 80g.*

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