Pramy Nutri-Treat Cat Crunchy Treat - Nutri Treat 50g.



Categories : Cat Cat Snacks Crunchy Treat

Brand : Pramy

Pramy Nutri-Treat milk floss, crunchy texture Likes cats, delicious, various flavors, plaque and limestone texture

Multi shape tablets, size 6.5-11 mm. Drive zones between teeth that are difficult to clean. Nourish coat and skin with omega 3 from salmon oil. Anti-aging nutrients from superfoods. Anti-oxidants too. Vitamins C and E

Enriched with benefits from Mixed Berries and Super Foods such as blueberries, cranberries, tomatoes, turmeric, etc.

6 Flavors

1. Duck & Cheese
2. Lamb
3. Chicken
4. Tuna
5. Salmon
6. Crab


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