Wellsome Insect Protien for Dog 1.2kg.


Wellsome pet food, 100% black soldier fly protein, free of chicken, free of byproducts and free of allergenic grains, suitable for very sensitive dogs. There is a mixture of chondroitin through research that guarantees that it helps strengthen joints and bones. Molecular protein (hydrolysed) from insects, easy to digest, thus helping to reduce the occurrence of tear stains, fragrant, easy to eat, suitable for dogs who are difficult to eat.

- Small molecule protein from Black Soldier Fly worms for dogs allergic to protein from other animals.
- Insect Pet Food is the processing of insect larvae (Larva). Insect larvae have high nutritional value. Raised with a closed system, clean and safe.
- Researched and studied to improve joints in 100 days with chondroitin, mussels, and patented formula ingredients.
- Rich in lauric acid to help reduce cholesterol, omega 3, and essential amino acids to help reduce inflammation, nourish the coat and skin to be beautiful.
- Suitable for dogs of all breeds, aged 2 months or more, pill size 8 mm.

Net weight: 1.2 kg (200 g/zip lock bag)

insect protein (black fly larvae), green peas, pure chicken oil, sweet potato, beet pulp, brewer's yeast, organic sweet potato, flaxseed, pea protein, calcium phosphate, sunflower seed, sesame meal, carrot, pumpkin, calcium carbonate, green beans, choline chloride, yucca extract, L-lysine, methionine, glucosamine, refined salt, vitamins, minerals, Dietary sulfur, vitamin E, FOS, safflower seed, turmeric, seaweed extract, thistle, ginseng, chondroitin, mussel, rosemary extract, ale. Van, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C

Protein 27% Fat 12% Calcium 0.8%
Phosphorus 0.5% Fiber 8% Moisture 11%

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