Organic Seeds Spirulina Powder 50g.


Organic Seeds Spirulina Powder - Spirulina Powder Natural Pet Supplement 50g.
Spirulina powder, a super natural nutrient, reduces inflammation.

  • stimulate appetite
  • Nourish eyesight/bones/teeth
  • Suitable for animals with diabetic disease.

How to eat
Can be sprinkled on food or mixed with water to drink.

Weight  less  than  10  kg  give  1/4  teaspoon.
Weight 10 - 20 kg, give 1/2 teaspoon.
Weight more than 20 kg, give 1 teaspoon.


It should be stored in a dry place, avoiding moisture, and the product must be tightly closed.
Can be given to both dogs, cats and rodents.

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